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Financial support is available

A diagnosis of breast cancer can not only be life-changing and confusing but can have an enormous impact on you and your family emotionally and financially. Several agencies can assist people during this period which offer a wide range of practical and emotional support services, cancer-related information and referrals to professional services tailored to your […]


New Adapt Air Breast Form

The new Adapt Air Breast Form by Amoena would have to be one of the best breast forms designed for women after a mastectomy to date so I would love to share the benefits with you. No matter what you wear, it will give you perfect symmetry and can be adjusted to fit your unique silhouette, even if […]


Match your bra to your activity

Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution or a long-term commitment to staying active, you need to wear the right mastectomy sports bra. Amoena’s got you covered. ,Match Your Bra to Activity Amoena sports bras come in three support levels: Sports Bra for Running For high-intensity workouts (running, volleyball, tennis, mountain biking), you want the fully […]


The Amoena tips for wear the right breast form

Whether you prefer a traditional prosthesis or an attachable prosthesis is often simply a matter of personal choice, but new technology has blurred the line between the two, with massive advancements in the comfort and appearance of both. Traditional Breast Form Supported by your pocketed bra and perfect for times when you’re wearing loose fitting […]

CLP - Social Media Post Template

Caring for your prosthesis

Prostheses are usually guaranteed for two years for general wear and tear, but they may last longer depending on how often they are worn, how well they’re looked after and your lifestyle. If the form splits or cracks at the seams, it should be replaced. How to care for your breast prosthesis Handwash the prosthesis […]


The Amoena Tips for Dressing Post Mastectomy

Deciding what to wear after a mastectomy can seem daunting, but there’s no need to sacrifice your own sense of style or comfort. Start with the basics Overcoming something as emotionally and physically challenging as a mastectomy creates huge changes in a woman’s life. We emerge stronger and more resilient, with a new awareness of […]


Team Papillon Trek Duo

Day 5 The last day of our trek and we made it to Sienna. Such a beautiful place with lots of history. Had an amazing adventure and met lots of amazing people. […]


Team Papillon Trek Duo

Day 4 Another beautiful day in Tuscany the history is amazing. Wish I had of listened more in my history classes in school. The hills today are not to bad but our calves are still yelling at us but as you come in to the towns the sights are so amazing we forget for a […]


Team Papillon Trek Duo

Day 3 Started our day from this beautiful Villa at San Miniato and had lunch at a lovely little tuscan villa in the middle of nowhere with such a gorgeous garden and fabulous views of the hills. Not able to feel our feet any more except the burning. […]


Team Papillon Trek Duo

Day 2 The country views are fabulous and the history of the towns that we have past through are magnificent but our feet and calf muscles are yelling at us “what are you doing”. […]