New CuraScar compression garments & silicone patches

These new products from Amoena have been designed to enhance scar healing after surgery. Worn together, the compression garments and silicone strips and patches create the best possible environment for successful healing results post-surgery. These revolutionary products work to protect the area, as well as maintain skin elasticity and prevent the scar from drying out. Find out more information about these Amoena products below, or click the button to contact Cecilia direct for tailored guidance. Alternatively, you can give her a call on 0407 966 956.

Compression Garments

The Amoena CuraScar Compression Garments include a range of products, including pants, belly bandages and post-surgery bras. Wearing compression garments every day post-surgery can help minimise the risk of excessive scarring and keep you comfortable during the healing process.

Combining well-fitting compression garments with silicone strips and patches has proven to be a successful therapeutic approach to ensure the best possible scar and healing results, leaving you feeling happy and confident in your body after surgery.

CuraScar Silicone Patches

Silicone creates a moist environment for scar and tissue healing and helps keep the area protected. The adhesive CuraScar Silicone Patches come as anchors, mammilla circles, strips and squares to fit your individual need after surgery, including mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery and reconstruction.

If you wish to find out more information about these products, click the button above to email Cecilia, or alternatively call on 0407 966 956 for personalised information and guidance.