My Story

I was only two weeks post-mastectomy surgery when I first ventured into a bra shop on a mission to find a comfortable, practical post-surgery bra and prosthesis.

My intial feeling was that of disappointment by the lack of choices available in mastectomy lingerie and prosthesis, coupled with a lack of understanding and compassion shown from the salesperson at the time.

Leaving the shop frustrated, upset and discouraged, my mission became ensuring other women needing these services, particularly in regional areas did not have to go through the same experience.

After extensive bra and prosthesis training and education with the companies I am now a stockist for, Papillon Lingerie was born. The word ‘Papillon’ is French for ‘butterfly’, which, to me, represents endurance, hope and life. My aim is to help bridge the gap in product and service availability for women struggling to find bras and prosthesis that suit their unique bodies and health needs. Through an ever-growing network of distributors and ongoing training, I can now offer women choice and expert fitting while providing a caring, compassionate service through difficult times.

As well as helping breast cancer patients, my services welcome women with conditions such as Poland Syndrome, lymphoedema or shoulder problems, as well as those needing petite or larger cup sizes. Whatever your challenge – I am confident we can find a bra that will leave you feeling confident and empowered, and ready to love your body again.

For more information or to arrange a fitting, please get in touch with Cecilia.


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