The Amoena tips for wear the right breast form

Whether you prefer a traditional prosthesis or an attachable prosthesis is often simply a matter of personal choice, but new technology has blurred the line between the two, with massive advancements in the comfort and appearance of both.

Traditional Breast Form

Supported by your pocketed bra and perfect for times when you’re wearing loose fitting or thicker fabrics. They are popular because they are easy to get used to.

Adhesive breast form

Amoena Contact attaches directly to your chest and is the ideal option to relieve pressure from your bra straps or when getting a little more daring with your neckline.

Comfort is key

It’s never worth wearing uncomfortable breast forms. Aside from the discomfort, you risk irritating your sensitive skin and creating posture problems down the road.

Keep in mind, too, that your body may change over time as a result of diet, fitness and time itself! What fits you this year might not feel as good next year, so it’s important to visit your fitter once a year.

Start with these basic tips and you’ll find that you have a great range of clothing choices and shopping opportunities!

By simply using colour, texture and accessories, you can create a fresh new look that’s comfortable and an expression of your own beauty.

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